2018/19 CCC Athletics Year Comes To a Close

2018/19 CCC Athletics Year Comes To a Close

            A wonderful evening at the Uno Pizzeria & Grill officially brought the 2018/2019 Athletic year to an end. Clinton Community College hosted the Annual Athletic Awards Night, where coaches, athletes, and supporters of the programs were all honored. All athletes were given certificates of participation, and each team’s Most Valuable Player, and Coach's Award recipient were named during the event.Each coach highlighted their respective team’s season, explaining the ups and downs of the season was noted by all the coaches. Competitiveness and growth for each team, and the athletics department was stressed by all coaches. A genuine feeling of hope and high expectations going forward could be felt throughout the event.

          Athletic Director/Coach Kevin Daugherty spoke for the Women’s Soccer program. “Doc” expressed his appreciation for this team, who were always competitive, but just lacked proper depth with the shorthanded roster. The Women’s soccer team finished with a 5-10 record, obtaining the highest winning percentage at .333% for CCC programs this year. Juliana Gardner, and Katelyn Southwick were recipients of the Coach’s Awards, and Kim Ratliff was named the team’s Most Valuable Player.

         Recently retired, Coach Mike Eppler went next to discuss the Men’s Soccer Program. Eppler praised his group of men for giving him all they had. To his best knowledge, this was the first season where almost all his players had jobs on the side. The ability to balance work, school, and collegiate athletics is not an easy task and for that he was proud of his athletes. Tom Kimbler, and Kyle Cahoon received the Men’s Soccer Coach’s Award, while Aaryn Clark was named the Most Valuable Player.

            Next to present was Coach Donna Dixon. After some time off, Dixon returned this year and could not have been prouder of her team. She highlighted how much she truly enjoyed coaching her group of girls, and their ability to always compete no matter who they were up against. Coach Dixon presented her Coach’s Award to Cali Moore, and the Most Valuable Player award was given to Cailene Allen.

            The Men’s Basketball program was the last to be recognized, Coach Doc talked about how this year was not ideal but was very fulfilling. He noted the development of chemistry with his squad. At the end of the first semester, the team dropped down to six players. While most teams would struggle at this point, the men found themselves playing better and developing a strong chemistry along the way. Felo Niclas received the Men’s Basketball Coach’s Award, while Nate Peters was named Most Valuable Player.

            After all the teams’ presented, Donna Dixon returned to the podium to pay tribute to Coach Doc. Kevin Daugherty recently retired from his Head Coach position, of which he has held for the past 14 years. Dixon shared some memories and kind words, she then presented him with a plaque recognizing and celebrating his 14 years of dedication to Clinton Community College. Even though Coach Doc retired from his coaching position, he will still be around, as he will remain as Clinton Community College’s Athletic Director.

            As events ended, Kevin Daugherty took time to recognize our seven athletes who were named to the Dean’s List, and our two student-athletes who were named to the President’s List. Dean of Student Affairs John Borner closed the event by thanking the coaches and athletes for all that they do.

          We would like to thank anyone who had a role in the 2018/19 Athletic Year. The Athletics Department will be adding Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, as well as new coaching staffs for Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, and Men’s Basketball. By seeing new additions and fresh faces coming to the Athletics Department, a lot of excitement and anticipation has been built up for what the 2019/2020 year will bring!


photos by Mathieu Starke